Minor Arcana Cards and Pocket Notebooks


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Witches, warlocks, wizards and muggles alike will love this set of four minor arcana cards and two pocket notebooks.

Minor Arcana cards measure 3.5" x 5" and are printed on Kraft color French Paper. They will arrive by owl in a wax sealed silver envelope. 

Cups represents: feelings & relationships . 

Swords represents: intellect & ideas. 

Wands represents: action & creativity. 

Pentacles represents: money & objects. 

Pocket notebooks measure 3.5" x 5" are printed on kraft French Paper with 40 blank pages inside. One features Swords and the other Cups.

Witches, wizards & warlocks: This is a perfect place to keep hexes, spells and charms. Also, tarot spreads and crystal meanings.

Muggles: Excellent for doodles during ‘important’ meetings & classes instead of notes as well as that ever-growing to-do-list that you may never finish.

Designed by MissHappyPink and Ilustrated by Angryblue. 

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