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Minor Arcana Mini Print Set



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"My brain feels like a series of spider webs. Collection and connection all of the ideas and interests I have. My love of two things has collided: tarot and Harry Potter." -MissHappyPink

Minor Arcana

Cups represents: feelings & relationships = Triwizard Cup  

Swords represents: intellect & ideas = Gryffindor Sword  

Wands represents: action & creativity = Hermione’s Wand 

Pentacles represents: money & objects = Gringotts Bank  

Designed by MissHappyPink and Ilustrated by Angryblue. This set of 4 mini prints, inspired by tarot cards, measures 3.5"x5" and have ronded corners. They are printed on Kraft color French Paper and come in a wax sealed envelope. If your lucky they will be delivered by an owl. 

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