Screen Printing Process

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a term for a very old printing process where each color is printed by forcing ink through a screen with a squeegee, one color/impression at a time.

Although each print looks the same, they are each individual and unique since they are created by hand one at a time.

Do hand-pulled prints take a lot of time and effort?

Oh hell yeah! Hand-pulled printing an average run of 100 prints can take about about hour or more per color. So, if it is a 3-color print, then the printing alone will take close to 4 hours.  That’s not including the time it takes to design the work, mix the ink colors, prep the files for films and then burning each screen/stencil for the printing process. Then there is still washing/cleaning the screens so that they can be used again for another design.

It’s messy, takes a ton of time but I love the craft of printing the old-fashioned way.

 Here is a short video of the printing process. 

MissHappyPink in "Fast Horses and Fine Bourbon" from MissHappyPink on Vimeo.