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Poem by Bridget Case and design, art and printing by MissHappyPink.

I grew up during the rise of the Riot Grrrl scene and the older I get, the more shocked I am that calling yourself a feminist is looked at in negative light and that there is such a continuing gap of equality between men and women. I could write for hours but this quote by Kate Nash is the short version of what I have to say. "FEMINISM is not a dirty word. It does not mean you hate men, it does not mean you hate girls that have nice legs and a tan, and it does not mean you are a ‘bitch’ or ‘dyke’, it means you believe in equality.”

This piece is a collaboration with feminist Bridget Case, I am honored that she let me use a piece of her poetry for this print. I chose her poem 'Change' and the word 'Riot' to go on top of it based on the line "We want change, we are brewing a revolution. We will riot, scream, write, talk and work until we get it, and we will never be silent again. EVER."

I encourage all women to find their voice and not let others keep you from letting it be heard.

This hand-pulled 2 color screen print is signed, numbered edition of 100. It measures 8.5" x 11" and fits standard size frames.

you bet we want change
and not just the change you throw
in our cup and call it equal

but, progress.

we want change, and a lot of it.

we’re tired of checking the backseat of our cars
in fear.
we’re tired of hurrying up in parking garages in case
you are lurking in the shadows

we are tired of being beaten
on your super bowl Sunday

we don’t want to work for less
and we’re tired of giving you more
and having you call it even

we are tired of our vagina's being raped

tired of your picket lines and hate signs
that stand between us and our door of choice

we want change

we want the struggling mothers on welfare
to hold their heads up high
as they work, go to school and educate themselves
we want you to stop blaming poor women

we want food
good food
healthy food, for our bodies and minds
we’re tired of your soggy leftovers
that are dripping with misogyny

we are tired of cleaning up your messes
and covering up our faces
biting our own tongues
and shedding painful tears

we are exhausted from hating one another
so you love us more
we are over your revolving door
of less, less, less for women is more

we are weary from being objectified
and then crucified

we don’t want, nor deserve your shaming

we want you to start changing
because we've changed ourselves
we've starved
and buried ourselves long enough

we've swallowed your anger
our own blood, our own teeth
we've swallowed our own dreams and ambitions
we've felt your fists
and tried to dodge your fury
against us

we walk in packs
just to feel the illusion of safety

we lower our gazes

we no longer want to be frightened
when we hear your footsteps approaching
from behind

we want change
us women
want change

we don’t want you to tell us to smile
it’s not our job to make everything
you do to us seem okay

it’s not our duty to stroke your egos
or to wear blindfolds to mask the
injustice we face every single day

we don’t want to wake up and feel
your hot breath on our faces
and your rape over our bodies
Do you hear us?

STOP what you are doing and listen
STOP how you have been thinking, and listen.

slut shaming

mentally abusing us - you fat ugly bitch, you’d be nothing if it wasn’t for me.
blaming it on our hormones
stop ensuring that everything we do
is backed by a sense of inherent fear
Stop thinking you own us
Stop saying women get old, and men get distinguished
Stop treating us like your own personal vending machines
Stop shoving purity down your daughters throats
stop telling lesbians they just need a good dick’ing
STOP telling us we make ourselves victims
STOP telling us to ignore injustice
stop blanketing our bodies with your laws
stop looking at our bodies as our only worth
stop putting breasts on billboards and while nursing mothers
are hiding in bathroom stalls
and stop asking if the carpet matches the drapes.
They are fucking pubic hairs!!

Stop leaving all the cleaning to us…we hate that shit just as much as you do!

stop telling us that we’d be much prettier if our hair were long
stop dropping date rape drugs in our drinks, and just let us dance.

stop telling us our cunts are no good after giving birth
stop taking our sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts,
stop taking us.
stop forcing us to be your sex slaves
where our lives are spent in poverty, disease, sadness
pain, stop making our lives feel worse than death.

Stop gendercide
stop sexism
we've endured enough

we want change
we are brewing a revolution
we will riot, scream, write, talk and work.
until we get it.

and we will never be silent again.

And you are sitting there thinking
wow, this bitch sure is angry,
you know how those feminists hate men…
then fuck you.
you haven’t heard a word I've said.
-Bridget Case
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